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Posted on: September 9th, 2016 by Opt-E Web | in SEO, Success Stories, Testimonials, Web

Xelas Consulting appeals to the man stuck at his desk, with the routine job duties and the mundane 9-5. Dr. Tyson’sĀ goal is simple: change. This person is tired and over worked. They probably have their mind made up that things will never get better. That’s why James wanted a website that would stand out from the rest. He wanted the scenic views of the wilderness to pull in and excite his potential clients, to show them all the possibilities of this world that are right within reach.

Our team worked on SEO for Dr. Tyson, as well as creating a WordPress full width banner website, designed for mobile with a responsive layout.

I love the view of Mt. Hood when you first look at the site. It’s spectacular!

Dr. Tyson, Xelas Consulting

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