What Is Responsive Web Design & Why You Need It?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Sarah Whitney | in Blog, Design, Web

Mobile-first and fluid responsive designs have become the new standard.

Responsive web design is a relatively new approach to website design that ensures users have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device they’re using. It’s become increasingly important over the last few years as mobile device ownership has exploded and has made the demand for “mobile friendly sites” exponentially increase as well.

In the past, developers approached each website design with the desktop visual first, and the mobile visual as a secondary goal that gets completed at a later date. But this takes more time, and money. Plus creating a design for each screen size is tedious, and wayyy too much work. So why not have one website that fit’s every screen? Here are some website examples provided by noupe of sites that fully embraced responsive web design

Now that we have such a variety of screen sizes available, from tablets to smartphones, online businesses might start to visitors if they don’t move responsive web design to the top of their priority list.

The Backstory

Initially, after the launch of the iPhone, the trend was to build separate sites depending on whether a person visited the site from a desktop computer or a mobile device. While it was easier from a development perspective, there were a significant number of drawbacks. The downsides included increasing maintenance costs, having to promote and maintain separate sites for SEO rankings and even having to build different mobile sites for different types of mobile devices. Luckily, this trend has faded and web designers are more in tune with creating websites that are more responsive for across all screen sizes.

What’s My Next Steps?

Choosing to adopt a responsive web design for your website isn’t a decision that should be shrugged off. With Google prioritizing a site’s mobile viewing experience into the factors in its SEO algorithm, responsive design isn’t a choice—it’s essential if you want your site to be visible in search results.

You might be wondering, is my webpage mobile friendly?, Go ahead, test your website and see for yourself. Then Contact Opt-e-Web, and we’ll hook you up with a mobile friendly responsive website.

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