Salem First United Methodist Church

Posted on: June 1st, 2013 by Aaron James Young | in Success Stories, Testimonials, Web

The First United Methodist Church is one of the most easily recognized buildings in the city. Their tall white spire and beautiful historic building are signs of their deep historical ties with the city of Salem and the mid-Willamette Valley. But inside the building is a thriving congregation active in providing community service, especially for the less fortunate in downtown Salem.

We designed and developed a new website for First United Methodist, and built it on WordPress and a custom-developed WordPress theme. Behind the scenes, the site uses elements from Zurb’s Foundation framework.

Church websites are difficult to get right. There are many different programs, events, announcements, and other things happening.We have tried to strike a balance between simplicity and flexibility for the church to maintain an active and usable website.

As the lead on our website development committee, I was thrilled to find that everyone at your organization was patient and understanding about our blissful ignorance of what was needed to put together a lively, informative and self sustaining website.  You were excellent hand holders, explainers, encouragers and cheerleaders.  And now it is done.  All of the feedback from the congregation and beyond has been glowing praise so we forward that on to you.  Yes, we give credit where credit is due.  It has been a pleasure working with you and it is a delight to know that you are only a block away should our reach exceed our grasp again at some time in the future. Thanks you guys!

Roberta, Salem First United Methodist Church

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