Make Your Workspace More Fun with these Tips

Posted on: February 3rd, 2017 by Kyle Rose | in Work Tips


If your average work day is 8 hours a day and you work 5 days a week, you will end up spending about 30 percent of your life working. With that much time spent at work, there has to be some much needed tips to make it more fun. Check out a few tips below and visit our Legend Web Solutions Blog for the full 10 tips.

Make It Feel Like Home

I like to wear slippers at work. Because it’s cozy!! Currently there is a huge movement toward the “home away from home” style of office design. Here’s the thing: employees need a work space that is separate from home to maintain that all important work/life balance, but that doesn’t mean work can’t be cozy and homelike. Who says you can’t have a blanket for work?

More Oxygen

Go ahead, get yourself a plant. Trees, plants, and all things green not only bring some much needed vibrancy to normally bland, dull workspace, but they bridge that gap between indoor and outdoor. That being said it’s nearly impossible to go wrong having an indoor plant.

Kyle Rose's Plant

Play Time

Don’t ever let employees feel like they’re chained to their desk. Sitting at a desk does not equate to billable hours or even doing your best thinking. If you want your team to stay motivated and refreshed, you should be encouraging them to take regular breaks. For example: each Friday, we incorporate employee-suggested games to play and bond as a company.

Free Snacks

You always hear that eating together as a family builds relationships and sparks dialogue — the same holds true for the office. Stocking a snack drawer is cheap, and creates a focal point for conversation in the office. It also keeps people really happy, because they don’t have to constantly run out of the office if they want a bite to eat.

Snacks - Sarah's Homemade Brownies

Embrace Downtime

Provide a segregated place for employees to unwind — employees need breaks and need to have some form of social interaction. Providing a location for employees to unwind without disturbing employees at work will help morale tremendously.


Finally, learn when to unwind and have a good time! Parties, are easy opportunities to relax and unwind when fostering a creative, inclusive environment. Everyone loves employee birthday celebrations, with ice cream and and of course cake! Plan them to place during work hours so you break up the week and thank employees for their hard work, while improving company culture.

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