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Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by Scott Mills | in Success Stories, Testimonials

I just wanted to say “thank you”!  Opt-e-Web not only got our network and printer and all 3 laptops all properly connecting and printing and zooming fast but he inspired me to do something I didn’t think I could!  Ever since I got the netbook one of my frustrations has been that I made the mistake of purchasing and installing Office 07 on the netbook which basically forced me to do all my email and calendar every day on that pretty uncomfortable keyboard.  Since it’s not possible to transfer Office he suggested I try a different method.  Since I already had created a Google calendar for the purpose of synching with the Droid I decided I could do as you suggested.  So I went to my gmail account, pretended I knew what I was doing and had it import email from my yahoo server.  It took like 2 minutes and all the email is here!  And then I did the same with my outlook contacts and instantly they all showed up!  So now I can comfortably do email on my Toshiba and even better access it all online from Joe’s even more comfortable HP – WOW!  That’s what I wanted all along and it turned to be so easy!  As soon as I figure out the gmail system of creating files I can go back and resave and sort all email and then I can use the netbook just when I need to for traveling and easy net access instead of struggling with it for hours every day with email.  Wow!  Life is good.  Thank you Opt-e-web guys!!!  You guys rock!  Thanks!

-Karen R. Frascone, Dallas Oregon

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