Our Team

Darren Marshall – Owner

Hello – I’m Darren Marshall. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. Throughout college I ran my own business which has morphed into what Opt-e-Web is today! I’ve learned that a person can accomplish whatever he/she wants if only they put their mind to it, and it’s no different in the software development world. Let’s make some killer apps!

Kiondra Kuiper – Lead Web Designer

Kiondra is our lead web designer, and has an incredible design sense coupled with power effectiveness. She has eight years experience as a freelancer, and is entirely self-taught. Actually, she tried formal education, but quit because she found she could learn faster by building real world projects. She is a detail oriented/visual person in all areas, and even has a cosmetology license. When not designing, she can be found trying new restaurants or hanging with cats.

Kyle Rose – Digital Marketing Specialist

Kyle is our expert in digital marketing. Graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder with an Economics degree, he has traded in 300 days of sunshine for the beautiful views of the rainy PNW. If your business has marketing, SEO or social media needs, Kyle is your guy.

Wesley Rasada – Web Support Specialist

Wesley is our go-to support guy! He has a genuine desire to help others and is extremely passionate about fixing technical problems. He’ll make sure you’re in good hands every step of the way. If you’re in need of technical support on your website, he will be your first responder!