About Us

Mission Statement

We offer our clients world-class service. We excel in customer relationships and provide value to our clients by helping them reach customers and members through online marketing, increased productivity, and updating them on the latest technology.

Vision Statement

Opt-e-Web wants to become a technology pillar in Salem, bringing jobs to the area and significantly contributing back to our community.


Opt-e-Web, LLC was formed in November of 2008 in Salem, Oregon. Founded by Scott Mills, who saw how marketing and IT (information technology) were starting to merging together at a rapid rate, and wanted to create a solution for high-tech needs of businesses in the Salem community.  Scott had over 15 years of broad marketing experience and employed an expert staff that specialized in every aspect of the business including building quality custom websites, online marketing through SEO (search engine optimization) and social media, and also providing hosting and maintenance packages.

In May of 2015 Opt-e-Web was acquired by Darren Marshall, owner of Legend Web Solutions.  As Scott moved on, he chose a company that would be able to provide his hard-earned clients with an increased level of service, and also greater breadth of offerings.  Legend Web Solutions has its offices based in downtown Salem with a steadily growing team of professionals ready to service a wide variety of customers in many different segments, from professional services, Mobile Apps, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Sports, Startups, and the list goes on – we also want to help you achieve your dreams and goals!